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Inspired by Italy.
Born in the Mornington Peninsula.

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A La Carte Menu (Closed)

The T’Gallant Vineyard, Cellar Door and Pizzeria is permanently closed.

A big thank you to all of our past guests and team members for the great memories and ongoing support over the last 30 years. While the T’Gallant venue is now closed, you can still purchase all of your favourite T’Gallant wines online at and also available in wine stores and other existing channels.


V = Vegan
GF = Gluten Free

Woodfired Pizza

Half: $18, Full: $36 (Full pizza serves 3), Vegan: One size only



  150 mL 250 mL 750 mL
Spritzed Cans      
T'Gallant Pink Moscato - $9 -
T'Gallant Prosecco - $9 -
Spritzed Bottles      
T’Gallant Pinot Grigio Spritzer - $9 -
T’Gallant Rose Spritzer - $9 -
Aperol Spritz - Aperol, Prosecco, Soda, Ice and a slice of Orange - $16 -
T’Gallant Prosecco $12 - $36
T’Gallant Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir $12 - $36
T’Gallant Pink Moscato $11 $14 $39
T’Gallant Sparkling Rose - - $26
T’Gallant Juliet White Moscato $11 $14 $29
T’Gallant Juliet Pinot Grigio $11 $14 $29
T’Gallant Juliet Pinot Noir $11 $14 $29
Cape Schanck      
T’Gallant Cape Schanck Pinot Grigio $12 $15 $36
T’Gallant Cape Schanck Pinot Noir $12 $15 $36
T’Gallant Cape Schanck Rose $12 $15 $36
T’Gallant Grace Pinot Grigio $13 $16 $39
T’Gallant Imogen Pinot Gris  $13 $16 $39
T’Gallant Tribute Pinot Gris $14 $17 $49
T'Gallant Cyrano Pinot Noir $14 $17 $49
St Huberts The Stage Shiraz (2017 Vintage) $14 $17 $49

Beer & Non-Alcoholic

Terms and Conditions: Please note, unfortunately you are not permitted to bring your own cake to T’Gallant. Our Set Menu includes dessert and COVID restrictions only allow us to serve food made from our kitchen, and also can only house food in our fridges that have been checked in via our COVID procedures.