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Inspired by Italy.
Born in the Mornington Peninsula.

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Our Story

Pioneers of Pinot Grigio and Gris in Australia

Inspired by Italy, and firmly rooted in the Mornington Peninsula. Our fresh and food-friendly wines are always a crowd pleaser. T'Gallant's story begins with a stroke of luck...

T'Gallant Mornington Peninsula
An apple orchard on the Mornington Peninsula

In 1994, our pioneers were driving through the Mornington Peninsula when they discovered prime acres of apple orchards that made them stop in their tracks.

They decided there and then that this was to be their new vineyard site, so they knocked on the door of the apple farmer’s home, made them an offer and just like that, the site was sold.

T'Gallant Spritzed Can Winery
A portfolio of fresh, food-friendly wines

The apple trees soon made way for 10 acres of Pinot Gris – unheard of at the time, and now an immensely popular varietal.

30 years on we continue to lead the way with Pinot Gris and Grigio, the T’Gallant portfolio is full of fresh, food-friendly wines with distinctive personalities. Fruit driven Pinot Gris, Grigio and Noir, crisp Rose, sparkling Moscato and Prosecco are just some of the favourites. Not to mention our spritzed can range that has taken the world by storm.

T'Gallant Vineyard
Spontaneity and fun are at our heart...
We like to think the Italians would approve.

Oh, and T'Gallant is sailing slang for 'Topgallant' - the square-rigged sail above the topsail. It symbolises our pioneering spirit as leading the way and sailing us into a bright future.