Our Wines

Since pioneering Pinot Gris and Grigio in Australia in the 1990s, T’Gallant has continued a tradition of producing fresh, food-friendly Australian wines with lively personalities.

Our winemaking is artisan and pure, reflecting the character of the maritime Mornington Peninsula. Wines are inspired by European influences with an Australian twist.

    Wine In A Can
  • T'Gallant Wine In A Can Family

    Wine In A Can

    Chills fast, transports easily, tastes sensational. Wine in a can is the new summer drink from T'Gallant.
  • T'Gallant Sparkling
  • Two bottles from T'Gallant's range of sparkling wines

    T'Gallant Sparkling

    From classic Pinot Noir Chardonnay, to citrusy Prosecco and fruity Moscato sparkling wines made in the fresh, vibrant style T’Gallant is renowned for.
  • T'Gallant Range
  • Four bottles from the T'Gallant Range

    T'Gallant Range

    The T'Gallant Range of still wines epitomises the essence of T'Gallant - fresh, approachable and food friendly, and popping in colour with abstract artworks by Sarah Kelk on the labels.
  • Mornington Range
  • Three bottles from T'Gallant's mornington range

    Mornington Range

    Do you prefer a zesty, mineral Pinot Grigio or the more luscious Pinot Gris? We cover the spectrum of Pinot G alongside fragrant reds with a focus on Pinot Noir.
  • Juliet Range
  • Two bottles from the Juliet range

    Juliet Range

    Inspired by Romeo’s courageous decision to follow his heart, Juliet wines are light and refreshing in a slightly sweeter style.
  • Cape Schanck
  • Three bottles from the Cape Schanck range

    Cape Schanck

    Elegant, cool climate Victorian wines inspired by the wild ocean waters of Mornington Peninsula’s southernmost tip.